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Natasha was confused for a second. What was he asking? The father or the child? She thought much on what the name would be, and it seemed like the one she chose was perfect. Especially for what she wanted to perceive the child as. She cleared her throat and walked over towards the table after she got herself a glass of milk. She nodded to the chair across from her so he could sit down. He always looked awkward in uncomfortable situations. He seemed to be tense, at a loss for words, and probably struggling with ways to carry the conversation.

“Are you asking me the child’s name?” She asked. 

Bruce was honestly regretting the words as soon as they had fallen from his lips, but had no way of pulling them back. Not now. He shouldn’t have assumed she would be this forward with him, the birth of a child, and anything to do with them was very personal, especially for a woman like Natasha. Nonetheless, he followed her urgings and sat down across from her, folding his hands in his lap as he gave her a poor attempt at a smile, one shoulder lifting in a shrug.

"In a sense, yes. I just…figured it would a good topic change." Lips curling in a sheepish grin, that didn’t quite meet his eyes, he glanced down at the chocolate cake and then away.

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“Several interns, a couple of older staff members Pepper threatened with a sexual harassment seminar, oh and I cornered Pym and through his utter embarrassment at the prospect he’s avoided me for a week, which I personally consider a win-win scenario.”

Bruce simply let out a soft snort at Tony’s blase attitude, before raising a brow and letting the amusement of the situation ebb into his form. “No wonder Hank hasn’t been around lately. You should really leave him alone, or he might end up using some of his particles on you.”


…I’m pretty sure you would survive every last one of those things. So what are you afraid o—Oh I see-She trails off getting why he avoids going out doors now, he can’t see it but she’s rolling her eyes as if that is a ridiculous reason- 

{Bruce was silent on the phone, staring up at the ceiling, in the darkness, and tracing the lines of the wood as if they were fully lit and only a mere few inches away from him. One of the ‘perks’ of having the Other Guy sharing headspace with him, which was simply another reason added onto his list of why he needed to get rid of him-it.}

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[Banner’s response sort of pulled a questioning lift of Reed’s eyebrows, though his expression wasn’t made in a mocking way. It was more of a look of surprise and curiosity as to the subject matter’s relevance. He scratched absently at the side of his face before giving a little perplexed ‘hm’ sound.]

The subject on its own, or is it important to something a little larger in scale?

[His eyes were somewhat drawn to the mug within Bruce’s hands, interested also in its contents as they looked rather inviting.]

{Bruce could see the surprise in the other’s eyes, and he had to lift his mug to his lips again to hide the smile threatening to appear there. His eyes probably betrayed him though, even if Bruce doubted the other man was awake enough to even realize that Bruce was, more or less, pulling his chain.

After he’d composed himself, and disguised his slip with another sip from his mug, he set it down carefully on the table and continued} Larger, quite larger. I’m hoping to continue on from blow flies to that of the commodore dragon. A large leap, I know, but I feel it will help further my research into the evolutionary cycle of a dung beetle.


So is no UV Rays at all. Next excuse? 

Typhoons. Wars. Muggings. Car Accidents. Stabbings. Robberies. Earthquakes. Wild Fires.

{He’s simply rattling things off, not really caring about what he says, if only to bother Loki in some form or fashion.}

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“You have to at least give me credit for making sure they were holiday themed innuendos.”

“Oh, before I forget, little bit of advice: Avoid the South entrance to the laboratories. I rigged the other end with mistletoe, and while Pepper disapproves, I frankly think it’s working as an entertaining team building exercise.”

You would get credit, if you had at least you taught them the right Holiday to sing for.

Who’s gotten caught so far?


[With a little glance to the screen in front of him, watching idly as some of the numbers ticked by, the status bar progressing much slower than Reed would have liked, the Doctor let out a slow sigh. His hand went up to run through his hair, knowing he must have looked a sight. He’d been up for far too long.]

That probably would have been a better means of doing this.. [The words were murmured in an almost bitter tone, but he shook his head and brushed off the tired agitation.]

And what sort of “thought” plagues you tonight then?

{Blowing into the mug, he watched as the stream curled around the edges and the way Reed shifted across the room. A slight twitch to the corner of his lips appeared as Richards’ hair seemed to only get messier the more he tried to fix it up, reminding him of himself, in that moment, where he’d run on days without sleep simply to finish one calculation.

Bruce tried to see if he could figure out what the Doctor was working on, but couldn’t see the screen from there and finally just turned to his own work again, mumbling out a soft} Hindsight is 20/20. {In response to his own murmur.}

{He didn’t look up again until he’d been addressed, his brows raising in silent surprise before he shrugged a shoulder and said the first thing that came to his mind} The mating habits of blow flies.